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rebecacgorodetski's picture

Hey, I just wanted to say that you should never stop being yourself and producing music. Man on the Moon helped through a tough period of my life. And I wanted to thank you for that. You're a very inspiring artist, that I'm obviously obsessed with. Enjoy your life and your career! And above all that continue being the deadass musician, you are now! 

Jin_Noh's picture

Hey scott I love you and the music you make. I wanted to tell you that I loved kids see ghosts and speedin' bullet no matter what everyone else says. Also will your next solo project be man on the moon 3 I know you said you wouldn't release it because of the speedin' bullet haters but maybe you might have had a change of heart, I don't know I would just really appreciate being able to hear it. I'm looking forward to your next solo project!!